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Two 8 weeks courses plus personal social dance coaching

Part 1 (8 weeks consecutively)

Zen Dance Re-Discovered basics

(Just by taking part 1 you will be able to radically change how you dance and have fun learning it)

Part 2 (8 weeks, one week per hub plus musicality)

Zen Dance The Hub System

(Taking part two will complete your knowledge on how to seamlessly integrate all your Lindy Hop Moves and transitions).


We will start with rediscovered basics. Once you incorporate the re-discovered basics in your body, you will be ready to learn the hubs that connect all the Lindy Hop moves seamlessly classic and new.

This is a complete course. If you’re committed and willing, this course WILL change the way you dance and you’ll have incredible fun while doing it!

Re-discovered Basics

Why relearn the basics? Chad’s unique perspective brings a martial arts lens to lindy hop basics. Explore grounding, frame, connection, balance, and momentum via individual drills, partner drills, and the creative use of exercise gadgets. You've never learned the basics like this.


By the end of the 8 weeks, you will have explored:

Rediscover Foundation and Frame (Grounding)

This is where your balance and power comes from. It's your Foundation. It starts from the earth up. Frame is the vehicle that takes that transfer of power and balance, and transfers it to your partner.

You will learn how to literally grip the floor with your feet. Leads will be able to rockstep your partner effortlessly. Follows will be able to receive the full power of the rockstep through their frame and return the energy.

Rediscover Connection and Balance

You can't communicate with your partner if you can't connect. Connection has to be instantaneous to work. Connection only happens if you consistently maintain connection with your center core and frame not your arms.


Once you understand Foundation and Frame you will automatically feel your balance as you move. You will be able to adjust your center of gravity vertically and horizontally and balance yourself and your partner as you turn or spin. Communication through proper frame will be instant with no lag, and you will be able to lead your follower anywhere on the dance floor.

Rediscover Momentum

Why expend extra energy to dance if you don't have too? Using Momentum, the lead can generate power for yourself and your follower. In return the follows can return it back or add to it in a never ending cycle of continuous momentum.

Learn Zen Dance’s 7 Principles of Momentum

Discover how power comes from your hips, and learn to use your weight, not your arm strength, to move people through space. Layer in the power of moving in a circular fashion to generate momentum and makes it easy to connect and reconnect with each other.

Rediscover the Swingout

Integrate everything you learned in the previous weeks into swing out technique. Stop working so hard and bring more ease to your swing out. Eliminate extraneous movements you didn’t even know you were doing. Learn to find efficiency in different kinds of swingouts, and then play with using a variety of swing outs to accomplish different goals. This is a place for follows to shine too, because with streamlined movement comes more opportunity for syncopation and play.

Rediscover 6 & 8 Count Moves

As we learn Lindy Hop, most of us leave behind the “simpler” 6-count east coast swing. But did you know that both dances flow into each other?  


You will integrate everything you learned in the previous weeks into both six and eight count movement. Have fun expanding the number of moves you can do as you learn to transition back and forth between east coast swing and lindy hop!

Responsibilities of Leader and Followers

Rediscover lead and follow responsibilities.

Leads will review how to anticipate the follower’s reaction. Follows will review how to creatively respond to the lead in the moment. Know when to “talk” and when to “listen” with your partner, by learning a clear line of communication. Dig into the dynamics of the partnership that makes leader and followers roles work most effectively and fun!

Applying Musicality with Zen Dance

Now that you have fine-tuned basics under your belt, you can turn your attention to incorporating musicality into your dance. The practice you've been doing over these weeks are now in your muscle memory, freeing your mind up to play. The daily drills and practices will be important to ensure that the technique is in your muscle memory. Further memory enhancement is that this is all incredibly fun, making sure you can use the concepts of Zen Dance on the social dance floor.


©Chad Kubo 2020


Learning the Re-discovered Basics above accelerates your adaptation of the Zen Dance Hub System.The Zen Dance Hub System is based on 7 Transition Hubs. Each Transition Hub is based on a movement concept, each containing 8+ Lindy Hop moves. With the 7 Hubs, you’ll learn how to connect 60 classic moves, transforming your dance so that you will be able to seamlessly and effortlessly integrate all your classic Lindy Hop moves. Compare that to a typical dance class where you only learn a static routine of moves.

All hubs are connected so you can transition among them in any combination. In addition to classic Lindy Hop moves, you’ll be able to open up your dance to create new combinations with unlimited creativity on the dance floor. No more thinking or hesitation, just tapping into the flow of dance movement and the music.

Week 8: Expanding Musicality

This is the week where you put everything together. You’ve got the basics. You know the Hub System. Now you can focus on understanding the music. The more you listen to music the more nuances you will hear. You won’t be memorizing any particular song, but rather sharpening your listening skills to uncover patterns, structure, and levels within any song that will help you better express your own creativity. You’ll advance from just dancing to the beat, to dancing to the music. You’ll be able to take the popular swing songs we’ve all heard again and again and dance to them in a completely new way.

Verification of Proficiency

Chad will personally check your proficiency and understanding of the Zen Dance content in class and on accompanying dance trips to clubs. This will ensure you can utilize what you learned in practice on the social dance floor through one-on-one guidance.

Excited to learn more?

©Chad Kubo 2020

Weeks 1-7: One Hub per week

The Zen Dance

  Hub System

part 2:

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