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Lindy Hop specialist who teaches workshops, classes, privates and group privates SF and the Bay Area based in Berkeley CA. He continues to evolve a unique system of teaching. Combining my life experiences with martial arts, illustration, graphic design, music, and performing professionally.

I have finally evolved a comprehensive framework (method) of learning dance as a physical expression of a philosophy that can apply to ways of living and building community.

Chad Kubo

Chad's Story

One of the Original Lindy Hop founders in San Francisco Co-founder of Lindy in the Park Golden Gate Park. Co-owner of the venue The Doghouse Lindy Hop teacher at the Metronome Ballroom the largest Ballroom in San Francisco Martial arts for over 38 years Black Belt proficiency in Judo, Aikido, Karate. Professional Lindy Hop teacher, dancer, performer, social dancer since 1993. Taught in the SF Bay Area, the U.S. and Internationally. Taught for Frankie Manning, Lionel Hampton, Winton Marsallis, Brian Setzer. Performed, taught cast, co-choreographer for Berkeley Repertory California, Center Stage, Baltimore Maryland Theater, Yerba Buena Theater SF. Catalina Island, Macy Passport Show, Frankie Manning workshops, and throughout the SF Bay Area.

Kristen Paulin.png

Kristen Paulin

Started dancing contemporary jazz and tumbling at age 8

Ballet in college

Learned Swing in Cincinnati in 2005. Has been dancing Swing for 15 years 

Taught intro classes; Performed in swing dance troupes: Cincinnati Snapshots

Picked up Blues in Chicago, 2008

Moved to Bay Area in 2013, joined the local Swing community. Won Shim sham contest

Performed in Shag Team

Award-winning performance teams Lindy, Bal, Shag, Blues

Metronome Ballroom Thank You Diane Jaram

Diane Jarmolo former owner of the Metronome Ballroom SF, CA

Berkeley Rep Thank you.jpg

Susan Mendak Managing Director

Berkeley Repetory Theater Berkeley, CA


What Chad’s Students Say:

"Excellent concepts class! Should be a must for all students in partner dancing. I would take from them again!" 


"It was like Zen meditation-a hands-on philosophy of dance class- invigorating and motivating and always positive. Like brain food for muscles  


"They are such incredible teachers! I highly value both what I learned and what I was reminded of. It makes me wish there were more technique classes.  JD

“Most people are teaching steps without explaining how it works best.”  Chad teaches beyond the benefits of dance, he talks of the relationship of movement". Mary D.

Perfect–all levels were able to progress. I like that it focuses on the principles of using/creating various energies and momentums that one can use in dance allowing for versatility! FUN, FUN!!, FUN!!!  Joan A.

“What I liked the best was the fundamentals of hip lead, elbows and lower hips. I don’t need more more steps!”  Al M.

I felt–for the first time in class–the the instruction addressed issues specific for my problems. The workshop was about the big picture... more about what will make all moves better than about which foot to step with... frame is not something that was covered in any classes I’ve taken. The class was good in that it introduced a lot of flexiblity in what a follow can do. Thank You!  Kat K.

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