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Everything Lindy

Without a partner

What is possible with Lindy Hop during the pandemic and post pandemic? Most teachers are teaching jazz movements, others are teaching routines or Lindy Hop history. What else is there I can learn without a partner?

Let’s get through the rest of this COVID Pandemic together. Since  dance events are just beginning to open, there are many things we learn online to improve our skills in preparation for full out dancing. Learn all about Lindy Hop without a partner! Join the Zen Dance community. Let’s learn everything!!

* Everything you learn here applies to making your Lindy Hop effortless, based on Zen Dance martial arts principles and Layered Learning.


Here's what you will learn: 


• Mental Mindset, Focus, Confidence and Awareness.

• Martial Arts Body Isolation Movement Warm-Up Exercises.

• Martial Arts Katas for Lindy Hop based on Aikido, Karate       and Judo.

• Learn all about the elements of music and how to apply       those concepts to Lindy Hop.

Hanging to the Music
Call and Response
Play, Creativity and Improvisation
Music Structure
Dancing Different Genres of Music.
And Much More!

• How to Avoid Injury on the dance floor

• Expression and Syncopation Exercises for follows and leads.
• Debrief and The Reveal.

• Other Dance Subjects Discussions and Ideas.


Stealing and  Switching

Call and Response

Lindy History

Building Community

Elements of Leadership outside of dance and in life.     

And Much More!

* Learn all the stuff you have always wanted to know about Lindy Hop but never had time for. I will share my 60+ years of combined dance and black belt martial arts experience that you will not get anywhere else. See what hundreds of years of martial art principle will do for your Lindy Hop!!



Hi, I’m Chad! Are you ready to radically improve the way you dance? Accelerate your Lindy Hop skills? Enjoy dancing so much more than you already do?!  

I’ve been dancing and teaching Lindy Hop in the San Francisco Bay Area for 27+ years. 

I’ve taught for Frankie Manning. I am the original cofounder of Lindy in the Park in San Francisco Golden Gate Park (the longest running outdoor Lindy Hop venue in world). I ran the iconic Saturday venue the “Doghouse” for 9 years. • Taught Lindy Hop at the Metronome Ballroom, the largest ballroom in San Francisco. • Taught in Sweden and Japan and in the U.S.. • Performed throughout the SF Bay Area,

• One of the original founders of the SF Bay Area Lindy scene. (Read full Bio in the Zen Dance website).

I’m also a martial artist, and have been practicing Aikido, Judo and Karate for 38+ years at black belt levels. 


Over time as I learned lindy, I noticed that my martial arts skills influenced my dancing in a major positive way, and my partners started noticing it too. I noticed there was more flow and connection and so did my partners. I had fewer injuries and more endurance on the dance floor–dancing 4-5 hours straight every night for years without tiring. It was like magic!

As I paid attention -- to what was different in my dancing, and what others on the dance floor weren’t doing–I honed my observations into a new, unique system, combining my love for the Art of Lindy Hop with my expertise in martial arts principles.


I call it ZenDance, and I’m excited to share it with you. Read on to learn more. 

Here is a sample of completely unrehearsed, improvised

Zen Dance Lindy Hop practice.


© Zombie fela Kuti Afro-Beat-1977

Daktari Shari & Chad Kubo LindyHop Unrehearsed 4.27.15 Remembering Frankie Manning

Daktari Shari & Chad Kubo LindyHop Unrehearsed 4.27.15 Remembering Frankie Manning

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